Dennis Brown (16 Track CD)


Dennis Brown (16 Track CD)

Dennis Emmanuel Brown

Reggae singer and songwriter Dennis Brown (born February 1, 1957, Kingston – † July 1, 1999, Kingston) was one of the most popular artists in the history of Jamaican recorded music. This album shows a more interesting side to some of the songs which he wrote before he became a house hold name in the world of Reggae Music.

Track list

1        Slave Driver

2        Victory Is Mine    

3        A Little Bit More

4        Call Me      

5        Tribulation

6        Open Your Eyes  

7        Rocking Time      

8        The Creator          

9        We Are In Love   

10      Caress Me Girl     

11      A Cup Of Tea      

12      Don’t Give Up     

13      Everyday People  

14      Together Brothers          

15      Love Light

16      Sea Of Love




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