Frightnrs I’D Rather Go Blind


Frightnrs I’D Rather Go Blind





Frightnrs I’D Rather Go Blind 7” vinyl single

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like you all to give a gregarious “Great To Meet Ya’” to Daptone’s newest sensation, The Reigning Rocksteady Kings of Queens, New York: The Frightnrs. If classic Reggae done correct is your game, then kindly get ready to party down. Seriously… Once you hear their version of the late great Etta James’ classic (pressed into Daptone Family recipe petroleum-based chips), “I’d Rather go Blind”, you will find it impossible to not want to get down with friends and foes alike, imbibing on rum-flavoured hooch lovingly poured into a pineapple or preferred tropical-fruit shaped vessel. Rejoice in the newfound excitement!

This classic record represents a time of a by gone era when reggae music was played by everyone young and old.  


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