Horace Andy, Errol Scorcher Unity Showcase



LP Tracklist

Side A
01 Mr. Babylon
02 Come On & Rock Me

Side B
01 Tonight
02 Unity
03 Fruit of Love

Horace Keith Hinds

Horace Andy (born Horace Keith Hinds, February 19, 1951, Kingston, Jamaica), is a roots reggae songwriter and singer, best known for his distinctive vocals. After having recorded for many Jamaican producers and labels through the 1970’s and 1980’s (Studio One, Bunny Lee, Phil Pratt, Derrick Harriott, Keith Hudson, Augustus “Gussie” Clarke, Tapper Zukie, Everton Da Silva, Lloyd Barnes, he became known by the mainstream public with his collaborations with Bristol’s trip hop band Massive Attack.

Errol Scorcher (born Errol Archer, 1956, Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica – died January 19, 2012) is a reggae deejay active from the early 1970s.
Scorcher worked as a deejay on several sound systems from the early 1970s. Although his first single, “Leggo Mi Hand Babylon” was not a commercial success, he had several hits in the mid-1970s with tracks such as “Jolly Bus-Ting” and “Engineers Affair”. In 1978 his profile was raised further by his “Peace Truce” single, which celebrated the armistice between rival political factions that would culminate in the One Love Peace Concert.




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