Rumours Fleetwood Mac (11 Track Vinyl Album)


Front Cover of LP
Rumours Fleetwood Mac (11 Track Vinyl Album)A Side
Front Cover of LP
Rumours Fleetwood Mac (11 Track Vinyl Album)B Side

Rumours Fleetwood Mac (11 Track Vinyl Album)

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Fleetwood Mac

Founded in London in July 1967 (by ex-Blues breakers members, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood), Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac instantly became a major force in the UK blues scene, along with their eponymous first album. Following “Mr. Wonderful” & “Then Play On” the driving force of Peter Green had deteriorated as he lapsed into a personal crisis by 1970. The group reorganized, under the leadership of Fleetwood, and slowly took on a new direction – away from the blues and into the mainstream of international popularity, known simply as Fleetwood Mac.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1998 (Performer)

 Rumours Fleetwood Mac (11 Track Vinyl Album)

Track List

01   Second Hand News      

02   Dreams        

03   Never Going Back Again       

04   Don’t Stop            

05   Go Your Own Way       

06   Songbird     

07   The Chain   

08   You Make Loving Fun 

09    I Don’t Want to Know 

10   Oh Daddy   

11   Gold Dust Woman        




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