2 I’ve Got Music (Club Mix) GD WAV 24-bit


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2 I've Got Music (Club Mix) GD FH mp3 320Kb

Groove Department

I’ve Got Music 1st released in 1996 on white label.

House Music is a feeling; this certainly goes for the out fit called the Groove Department, Inspired by House music and Garage music deeply rooted in original disco sound and some of the early pioneers of house music that started to emerge in the mid 90s. Their mission is to bringing back the old but new familiar sounding music for all to enjoy. With a ton of experience and an extreme love for real house music they are busy to rock the globe. With massive beats, old school club sounds & dance classic samples but also a lot of original Solid grooves that could top the charts again and again. 1st released in 1996 on white label.


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