Track 3 Star Dub DX1 MD WAV 24-bit


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3 Star Dub DX1 MD

Track 3 Star Dub DX1 MD WAV 24-bit
DX1 Moods of Dub
This album has been produced to demonstrate the many styles of Dub music.
The tracks have been recorded and mixed to bring maximum enjoyment for you Dub lovers out there and should be listened to with maximum bass and treble.

In time, DX1 Sound System will be on the road in your town. Until then, enjoy this small offering.
All tracks written, produced and mixed by DX1, who are
Conrad Cruise (Guitars, keyboards, synths and programming)
Michael Cruise (Percussion’s drums and drum programming)
Plus Special Guests
Ansell Broderick, Simon Pugsley, Richard Bostock and Graeme Mitchell
(Percussion’s and horn section)
Mixed and recorded at Crystal Sound Studios, Leeds



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