Ash Meltdown (11 Track CD)


Ash Meltdown (11 Track CD)

Nine months after bowing in the UK, Ash’s most Americentric LP is finally released in the U.S.

Ash are unique in that the older they get, the faster and harder their material becomes.

But don’t let that fire-bathed, tattoo-inspiring cover art fool you: Ash are still a power-pop band. Meltdown does rock harder, and with more snarl, than any of their previous albums, but they still can’t help but reveal their melodic sweet tooth. Meltdown is closest to the slick production of their most recent LP, Free All Angels, though the band’s Undertones-esque charm has been shelved to make room for sharpened, arena-ready choruses. Following the success of their recent singles compilation, Meltdown sets its cross-hairs precisely at the continent across the pond it’s their most American-sounding album so far.

CD Track List



 Evil Eye



 Out of The Blue

 Renegade Cavalcade


On A Wave

Won’t Be Saved

Vampire Love




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