Blood Shanti ‎– The Whole of Me Testament 1 10 Track LP


Blood Shanti ‎– The Whole of Me Testament 1 Side A
Blood Shanti ‎– The Whole of Me Testament 1 Side B

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Blood Shanti ‎– The Whole of Me Testament I 10 Track LP

Track List


01     Blood Shanti      King of Kings    

02     Shanti-Ites King of Kings Dub     

03     Blood Shanti      Peace & Love    

04     Shanti-Ites Peace & Love Dub      

05     Blood Shanti      Give A Thanks  


0 1     Shanti-Ites Give A Thanks Dub   

0 2     Blood Shanti      Spread Jah Music       

0 3     Shanti-Ites Spread Jah Music Dub         

0 4     Blood Shanti      You Can’t Stop  

0 5     Shanti-Ites You Can’t Stop Dub

*Musicians Credits*

Special thanks going out the Shanti Ites band members for all your vibes and spiritual input in making this album powerful and uplifting

* Blood Shanti-Lead Vocals, Drums & Backing Vocals 

*Ashanti Selah & Shandi-I Backing Vocals

*Stanley & Kojak-Guitar *Jahmel-Bass *D Litchie & Colin-Horns *Fuzzy Dee-Engineer *Ernesto-Violin *Cyrus Keyboards.


We thanks and praise to most high Jah Rastafari, Ever living ever sure, for the gift of life so that we can do our works One love.

Smith Family-(Mama Shanti) Miriam and to my father Allan Smith who sadly is no longer with us but who will always be in our thoughts and hearts, Mrs Kathleen Smith, Allan, Isaiah, Sarah, Jazmine, Aba Shanti, Collette, Lorraine, Kelly, David, Korie, Regan, Destiny, Steve, Naomie, Ashley, Shanee, Benjahmen, Levi, Malachi, Raziah, Cynthia, Helena, Kazer, Roots, Catherine.

Mr & Mrs Duberry, Etlin, Leaford, Everis, Daley, Stanley, Larry, Father Sleepy & Family, Lorraine, Errol, Sylvia, Justin, Val & Family. Ras-Ites, Roy, Little Andy, Charles, Dub Judah, Big Foot, Prince Malachi, Miriam, Blackamix, Rimbin, Gill.

To all at Lee Valley Ice Centre, Sister Audrey, Norris, Shandi-I& Family, Cozi, Raymond Judah & Family, All at the University of Dub, DJ Stryder, Digistep, Styler, Tina, Gary and Connie, Nigel and Jacqui, Tabu, The Ark, Terri, Nicole, Shai, Troy, Hezon, Dubwise, Marsha & Family, Stefan, June.

Strictly Vibes, All at Back Channel, Orange Street.

All radio stations and all sound systems for their support.

Aba Shanti Sound Members, Humble Lion, Mark, Barbar, Babz, George, Sweet T, Big Mickey, William the Conqueror, Ben.




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