She Makes War / Brace For Impact 12 Track Vinyl LP


She Makes War Back of LP
Brace For Impact by She Makes War 12 Track Vinyl LP A side
She Makes War Back of LP
Brace For Impact by She Makes War 12 Track Vinyl LP B Side

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She Makes War

Birth Name: Laura Kidd

Bristol, UK-based multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd writes and produces her own music as She Makes War.

She Makes War’s sound has been dubbed ‘gloom-pop’. Her music has a rich cocktail of influences from early Echo & The Bunnymen to Belly, The Breeders, PJ Harvey, Blur, Elastica and Suede, Bikini Kill, Nirvana, Hanne Hukkelberg, Cat Power, Carina Round, Radiohead, My Brightest Diamond and Bon Iver.

She Makes War’s first two albums, Disarm and Little Battles, share stories from the personal to the political, dealing with matters of love, loss, birth, therapy, murder, abandonment, and hope. Their sonic and thematic collisions – analogue with digital, war with peace, and technology with the natural world – are underpinned by Kidd’s bewitching, pastoral vocals and violent guitars, and supported by a plethora of additional instruments from ukulele to autoharp, melodica, piano, violin, harp, saxophone and three-part recorder ensemble. Both albums were co-produced by Laura Kidd and Myles Clarke of Sparkadia, Kid Harpoon, and Belakiss.

Brace For Impact by She Makes War 12 Track Vinyl LP

Album Tracks

01   Devastate Me

02   London Bites

03   Strong Enough

04   Undone

05   Then the Quiet Came

06   Fortify

07   Weary Bird

08   Let Me Down

09   Dear Heart

10   Love This Body

11   Hold On

12   Miles Away





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