Domenique Dumont People on Sunday 13 Track LP


People On Sunday Domemique Dumont
Domenique Dumont People on Sunday A Side 1 to 6
People On Sunday Domemique Dumont
Domenique Dumont People on Sunday B Side 7 to 13

Domenique Dumont People on Sunday (Limited Edition on White Vinyl)

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LP Tracklist

A Side

01 Arrival 2:49
02 Gone For A Wander 3:13
03 Sunshine In 1929 3:45
04 Water Theme (Le Château De Corail) 3:16
05 We Almost Got Lost 3:28
06 Falling Asleep Under Pine Trees 3:06

B Side

07 People On Sunday 3:45
08 Merry-Go-Round 1:47
09 Running Down The Hill 2:27
10 Rituals 3:49
11 Watching Boats Go By 3:36
12 Back To Everyday Life 2:28
13 Everyday Life 2:40

Original soundtrack to the 1930 German silent film variously known as Menschen am Sonntag, Les Hommes le Dimanche and People On Sunday. Domenique Dumont was invited to compose the score for a special screening and live performance at the Les Arcs Film Festival in the French Alps in December 2019.

“Domenique Dumont’s Comme Ça makes for the exact type of album that you’ll keep getting back out for your own pleasure and share around like a little persona treasure that only the most deserving should know about”
Inverted Audio

“Using a mix of vintage analogue machines and burbling synths, Domenique draws upon a rich Parisian heritage of African dance music, Caribbean dub and achingly cute Gallic pop in Comme Ça, blending effete, deliquescent vocals with Upsetters-style dub magic and the sort of drum patterns you might hear in a Francis Bebey record”




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