Jah Never Fail I Nereus Joseph 7 inch vinyl


Jah Never Fail I Nereus Joseph
Nererus Joseph Jah Never Fail I

Nereus Joseph  Jah Never Fail I

A very ‘British reggae’ sound with the wind embellishments and busy bass lines reminiscent of UB40 – it’s clear to see where they got their influences from.  settled in East London when a child and grew up with the UK reggae scene and even found himself emulating Bob Marley at one stage of his career when he sang some Marley classics for advertisements.

Joseph has worked with several artists and bands and has branched out from just singing to being a producer and record label owner. He’s attracted very much to the idea of reggae chronicling everyday events – he once likened Caribbean-based reggae as like reading a newspaper to ‘catch up’ on current trends.

Joseph’s style here is to almost talk over the driving reggae beat, and the upbeat message of no-one ever having to fail again is reinforced heavily in this uplifting song.


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