Ken Boothe – Give It To Me 7” vinyl


Give It To Me Ken Boothe
Ken Boothe Give It To Me

Ken Boothe – Give It To Me

Internationally popular vocalist Ken Boothe’s simple request to have the things he loves and needs conveyed in his unmistakable vocal style.

Ken Boothe is known especially for his trademark vibrato vocal style, and this hymn like request to have all that he loves and needs from the heavens above soon reminds one of his crossover hits. He produced two hit singles that appealed to both reggae and mainstream audiences in the UK in the seventies including a number one.

Here he’s in plaintive mode and pulls off the reggae trick of making the simple possess much gravitas. A straightforward ‘give me the things I need’ and ‘the things I want’ might ordinarily sound too simple and almost trite, but Boothe’s emotion-laden delivery and a simple shuffly reggae backing imbues the piece with much depth of meaning.






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