Laura Lee It’s Mighty Hard / Dirty Man 7” vinyl


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Laura Lee It's Mighty Hard / Dirty Man 7'' vinyl

Laura Lee It’s Mighty Hard / Dirty Man 7” vinyl

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Laura Lee (born Laura Lee Newton; 9 March 1945 in Chicago, Illinois)

Her adoptive parents formed the gospel group, The Meditation Singers. Laura became one of the ensemble’s featured performers.

Laura Lee possessed all the vocal attributes necessary for greatness – a powerful gritty voice, superb phrasing and the magical ability to bring music and lyrics to life. Above all she infused her singing with a formidable intensity of emotion that was never over the top, but instead beautifully modulated and controlled.

After an excellent first secular outing on Ric-Tic Records (“To Win Your Heart”/”So Will I”), and, unbelievably, being turned down by Motown Records, Laura travelled to Chicago where Chess Records, upon hearing her sing, immediately signed her to a contract. From 1967 until 1969 Laura had seven singles on Chess. An album was released in 1972 after her departure from the label.



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