Listen Up! SKA 14 Track LP Various Artists


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Listen Up! SKA 14 Track LP Various Artists

Welcome to the SKA BEAT! , the sound that came from Jamaica between 1961-1967. Based on the American R&B and Doo-wop records that the Sound Systems in Kingston Town used to play. The American records style started to mellow out while the Jamaicans preferred a more upbeat sound. So to meet this demand the Sound System bosses became record producers to cater for this demand. Sir Coxsone, Duke Reid lead the way by putting the top musicians on the Island in the studio to make this Ska Sound!! Here for your enjoyment is a selection of some of the top tunes that made SKA so great… we hope enjoy the beat…..


  1. Ska-Boo-Da-Ba, The Skatalites
  2. Alley Cat, The Skatalites
  3. Red Is Danger, Johnny Moore
  4. Cool smoke The Skatalites
  5. Non Stop, Roland Alphonso
  6. Stampede The Skatalites
  7. Nuclear weapon The Skatalites


  1. China Clipper The Skatalites
  2. Alipang The Skatalites
  3. Yogi Man, Johnny Moore
  4. Throughfare, The Skatalites
  5. Ghost Town, The Skatalites
  6. Surftide Seven, The Skatalites
  7. Magnificent Ska, The Skatalites



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