Johnny Clarke Lover Your Brothers & Your Sisters 7” vinyl


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Lover Your Brothers & Your Sisters
Johnny Clarke Love Your Brother & Sister


Johnny Clarke – Love Your Brothers and Sisters

Popular reggae musician offers an upbeat didactic piece on the need to love our fellow brethren with an unusual ‘busy’ percussion dominating.

A serious sentiment of co-existing with and loving one’s fellow man is expressed against an almost jocular beat with an unusual intricate percussion very forward in the mix. Here Clarke’s half-spoken vocals are set back and almost come as a distant echo – perhaps the idea is to make us listen carefully and properly absorb the simple yet strident sentiment.

Along with the busy percussion, guitar embellishments add to the comprehensive backing and pull off the oft seen reggae technique of wrapping a serious message up in a fairly upbeat cloak. The song is also a typical example of Clarke’s Rasta faith influencing his music.

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