Luciano Upright Featuring Turbulence 14 Track CD 


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Luciano Upright Featuring Turbulence 14 Track CD 1 to 7
Luciano ‎pic 4
Luciano Upright Featuring Turbulence 14 Track CD 8 to 14

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Luciano Upright Featuring Turbulence 14 Track CD 

CD Tracklist

01  More Love   

02  Upright        

03  What Goes On      

04  Play On        

05  Take The Load Off        

06  Forgive Them Lord

07  Black Man Cry     

08  Music Is Life Featuring – Turbulence 

09  Our Love Will Never Die       

10  Your Favourite Song     

11  Get Online   

12  No Blues      

13  King And Queen  

14  No Drugs     


Real Name: Jepther McClymont

Born: 20 October 1964

Well-known Jamaican reggae roots singer.

Jepther McClymont OD (born 20 October 1964) better known as Luciano, is a Jamaican second-generation roots reggae artist.Born in Davyton, Manchester Parish, and raised as the seventh of nine children in a strict Adventist family, Luciano began recording in 1992, with his first single “Ebony & Ivory” (on which he was credited as ‘Stepper John’) on the Aquarius Record label, followed by a split album with DJ Presley (now credited as ‘Luciano’) for producer Sky High. His first releases as Luciano included the hit single “Give My Love a Try”, produced at Castro Brown’s New Name Studio, followed by others produced by Brown, Freddie McGregor, Blacka Dread, and Sly and Robbie, including the 1993 no. 1 UK reggae hit “Shake It up Tonight”.





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