Oddisee Travelling Man 24 Track Vinyl LP


Oddisee Traveling Man LP Back cover
Oddisee Travelling Man LP Tracks 1 to 12
Oddisee Traveling Man LP Back cover
Oddisee Travelling Man LP Tracks 13 to 24

Oddisee Travelling Man 24 Track Album

LP Tracklist

01      Goodbye, DC

02      NYC

03      Paris

04      Miami

05      London

06      Khartoum

07      Sao Paulo

08      Tokyo

09      Brixton

10      Lagos

11      Long Beach

12      Melbourne

13      Boston

14      Atlanta

15      Philly

16      San Fran

17      Stockholm

18      Inglewood

19      South Central

20      Detroit

21      Chicago

22      Las Vegas

23      DC

24      Houston

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Amir Mohamed el Khalifa Washington, DC producer and emcee, based in Brooklyn, NY now. Member of the Low Budget crew and of Diamond District. Signed to Mello Music Group.


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