P.P. Arnold Everything´S Gonna Be Alright / (If You Think You´Re) Groovy 7” vinyl


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P. P. Arnold Every Things Gonna Be Alright 7'' vinyl

P.P. Arnold Everything´S Gonna Be Alright / (If You Think You´Re) Groovy 7” vinyl

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PP Arnold is a Legend! Since she became London’s First Lady of Soul back in the 60’s, she is still going strong!

Born Patrician Ann Cole in Los Angeles, California into a family of Gospel singers she was the second of six children born to Theora and Mary Cole who had recently migrated to Los Angeles, California from Tyler, Texas. She grew up singing gospel music with her family and siblings at the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Watts, L.A. and had never dreamed of a professional singing career. Destiny had other plans for her.  

At 17 years old she found herself in an abusive teen marriage and the mother of two small children. After a powerful prayer one Sunday morning for God to show her a way out of the hell that she was living in, she received a desperate phone call from two friends Maxine Smith and Gloria Scott begging her to go with them for an audition with Ike and Tina Turner to help them out as the girl who was supposed to go with them had let them down. Refusing to take no for an answer, they hung up the phone and shortly afterwards arrived at her apartment. They convinced her to lie to her husband and ask him to look after the kids for a short time while she went shopping locally with them. Surprisingly the lie worked and her husband who was normally very strict agreed to watch the children. 

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