Silverbacks Archive Material Vinyl LP


Silverbacks Archive Material Back Cover
Silverbacks Archive Material Vinyl LP A Side
Silverbacks Archive Material Back Cover
Silverbacks Archive Material Vinyl LP B Side


Silverbacks Archive Material

In years from now, anyone seeking to make sense of what life was like during a global pandemic should extend their research beyond the newspaper clippings and dive into the art produced during the period. Archive Material – the aptly-titled second album by Dublin-based art-rock quintet Silverbacks – will make for a particularly illuminating listen on the subject. Capturing the absurd mixture of monotony and creeping disquiet experienced by many of us this past 18 months, it’s simultaneously sobering and wickedly droll.

Spend more than five minutes in the company of brothers/band founders Daniel and Kilian O’Kelly and you’ll quickly realise this playfulness is hardwired. Reminiscing about their upbringing in Brussels, they gently rib one another about their early creative abilities. “When Kilian started writing music, around the age of 14/15, it was like, oh shit, that’s better than what I’ve been doing – maybe I should latch on to him a bit,” older brother and lead singer Daniel chuckles. “And that’s still the case,” guitarist/vocalist Kilian bats back, grinning.

LP      Tracklist

A1   Archive Material                               02:33

A2   A Job Worth Something                    02:33

A3   Wear My Medals                               03:00

A4   They Were Never Our People           03:15

A5   Rolodex City                                     02:39

A6   Different Kind of Holiday                 03:19


B1   Carshade                                            02:09

B2   Central Tones                                    04:17

B3   Recycle Culture                                02:17

B4   Econymo                                          03:36

B5   Nothing to Write Home About         03:48

B6   I’m Wild                                            04:11



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