Stanley Mitchell Get It Baby / Quit Twisting’ My Arm 7″ vinyl


Stanley Mitchell Get It Baby 7'' vinyl

Stanley Mitchell Get It Baby / Quit Twisting’ My Arm 7″ vinyl

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Stanley Mitchell

Full Name: Stanley Rudolph Mitchell

Stanley was born February 10th 1935 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Upon graduation from Highland Park High School in 1955, Stanley joined his first group the Cherokons. Through regular performances at local talent shows Of which they won their fair share the group was eventually brought to the attention of Lionel Hampton. Under the auspices of Hampton the group changed their name to the Hamptones. The other group members were Frank Holt, Joe Miles and Donzelos Gardner.
In 1957 Stanley left the Hamptones to form his own group, Stanley Mitchell & the Tornados. Upon his return to Detroit Stanley continued to work as a solo artist and in the 1970’s Stanley, unaware of his new found popularity across the Atlantic had formed a new group, known as Stanley Mitchell & the Peoples Choice (no connection with the group that recorded for the Palmer label) who performed with a more disco orientated sound, they stayed together until the mid 90’s. He passed October 14th 2006



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