TAPPER ZUKIE M. P. L. A. 10 Track LP


Tapper Zukie MPLA Back Cover
TAPPER ZUKIE M. P. L. A. 10 Track LP A Side
Tapper Zukie MPLA Back Cover
TAPPER ZUKIE M. P. L. A. 10 Track LP B Side

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Tapper Zukie (or Tappa Zukie) (born David Sinclair, 1955, Kingston, Jamaica) is a reggae deejay and producer.

Tapper was the nickname given to him by his grandmother in his youth, while Zukie was a name that came from his friends’ association as a young boy – their gang was called ‘The Zukies’.

In 1973 his mother, concerned with Zukie’s tendency to get into trouble, sent him to England to stay with some relatives. Producer Bunny Lee arranged with the UK-based entrepreneur Larry Lawrence for him to undertake some recording sessions and concerts, opening for U-Roy the day after his arrival in London. Zukie’s first release was the single “Jump & Twist”, produced by Lawrence. Around this time he also recorded material for Clem Bushay, which would later form part of the Man Ah Warrior album, issued in 1973.

TAPPER ZUKIE     M. P. L. A. 10 Track LP


01     Pick Up The Rockers  

02     M.P.L.A.    

03     Don’t Get Crazy  

04     Go De Natty        

05     Stop The Gun Shooting       


01     Ital Pot       

02     Marcus       

03     Chalice To Chalice      

04     Don’t Deal With Babylon     

05     Freedom


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