The Chantells Waiting In The Park


The Chantells Waiting In The Park

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The Chantells are
Samuel Bramwell, Tommy Thomas, and Lloyd Forrester.

The ball seldom bounced the talented Chantells’ way. Beset with personal problems, the Jamaicans’ laundry list of issues caused what could have been a promising career to end abruptly. The Chantells’ Samuel Bramwell, Tommy Thomas, and Lloyd Forrester recording output consists of one album (Waiting in the Park) and a couple of tracks on The Chantells and Friends, a compilation of Roy Francis’ Phase One Records recordings. 1978-1979 was the soulful, sweet singing group’s best times. This was the time frame they recorded for Phase One where they were easily the label’s most popular artists. The best of their slim output includes: “Man in Love,” “Waiting in the Park” (with Jah Berry), “True Born African,” “Desperate Times,” “Natty Super,” “Children of Jah” (with Hugh Brown), and the lovely “How Can I Get Over.



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