The Very Best of Mariah Carey 14 Track CD


mariah carey 5
The Very Best of Mariah Carey 14 Track CD tracks 1 to 7
mariah carey 5
The Very Best of Mariah Carey 14 Track CD tracks 8 to 14

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The Very Best of Mariah Carey 14 Track CD

Mariah Carey (born on Long Island, New York, on 27 March, 1970) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer/songwriter noted for her remarkable vocal range. According to Billboard magazine, she was the most successful artist of the 90s in the United States.
From the first fluttering notes of “Dream lover,” Mariah Carey sounds like she’s been set free. The hip-hop stylings of “I’ve Been Thinking About You” helped make Music Box a hit on the streets, but Carey’s ability to update the Harry Nilsson smash “Without You” as a ’90s slow jam is an even more impressive feat of pop imagination. “Hero” became the gold standard for a new generation of ballad athletes, but beyond her virtuosic vocals, “All I’ve Ever Wanted” and “Everything Fades Away” are two of her most evocative and underrated performances.

The Very Best of Mariah Carey song list

01 Dream lover Mariah Carey 05:53
02 Bliss Mariah Carey 05:44
03 Melt Away Mariah Carey 03:40
04 Breakdown Mariah Carey 04:44
05 Make It Happen Mariah Carey 05:07
06 Outside Mariah Carey 04:46
07 Vanishing Mariah Carey 04:11
08 Looking In Mariah Carey 03:36
09 Emotions Mariah Carey 04:08
10 Babydoll Mariah Carey 05:06
11 I Am Free Mariah Carey 03:08
12 Fantasy Mariah Carey 06:44
13 Underneath The Stars Mariah Carey 05:33
14 Rainbow (Interlude) Mariah Carey 01:32


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