Venom 100 Miles To Hell Vinyl EP


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Venom 005
Venom 100 Miles To Hell Vinyl EP

Venom 100 Miles To Hell

EP Tracklist

100 Miles To Hell   4:10

We The Loud          3:57

Beaten To A Pulp   3:13

Venom, the band credited as the original inventors and founders of Black Metal, the larger-than-life Singer and Bassist, [Cronos] is widely credited as the creator of Thrash, Speed, Death and Power Metal, creating the deadliest force ever to hit the music scene, the original sinner playing the Devil’s music at its highest intensity, in the ultimate Rock n’ Roll metal punk band in the universe, Venom.

It all started way back in the 1970’s in the north of England, a young Heavy Metal / Punk Rocker called Conrad Lant [aka: Cronos] started working in a recording studio [Impulse Studios] as the assistant engineer after leaving school, he had been interested in music from an early age, growing up in London in the early 1960’s and living close to bands such as The Who and The Rolling Stones, who he remembers seeing while walking back and forth to school with his mother, and again on the tv during their early performances.  Moving up to the North East of England in the early 70’s, he learned to play guitar at school due to a music teacher seeing his interest, and giving him extra tuition during lunch breaks, and giving him full access to the school’s instruments.  He played in a few different bands throughout his school days, with the idea of creating a band that was heavier and more over the top than anything anyone had ever seen or heard before, more Satanic than Black Sabbath, louder than Motorhead, with a pyrotechnic show to rival Kiss, and with even more leather and studs than Judas Priest, the ultimate ingredients for the Ultimate Metal Band.




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