The Gatherers Words 7inch vinyl


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Words The Gatherers
The Gatherers Words

The Gatherers

A mournful meditation of how words can’t always adequately explain heavenly things with a strident chugging reggae beat giving a ‘heavy feel’.

The Gatherers chief writer was Sangie Davis who also co-wrote for a spell with Bob Marley. ‘Words’ (or ‘Words Of My Mouth’) uses a very heavy, chugging reggae backing and an almost plaintive vocal delivery to stress the sincerity of believing that meditative methods can convey praise to a higher being along with spoken words.

The strong rhythm with its slower tempo gives the piece its gravitas and adds weight to the sentiments expressed. One or two other instruments try to get a look in amongst the relentless backing – some sort of melodica appears to be very far back in the mix somewhere.

An arresting piece of music from a group who didn’t appear to record much.

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