Billie Holiday Her Finest Studio Recordings Box set of 3 CDs


Billie Holiday 2
Billie Holiday Her Finest Studio Recordings tracks 1 to 10 / CD 1
Billie Holiday 2
Billie Holiday Her Finest Studio Recordings tracks 11 to 20 / CD 1

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Billie Holiday Her Finest Studio Recordings

Billie Holiday

Real Name Eleanora Fagan Gough

Billie Holiday (born April 7, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – died July 17, 1959, New York City, New York, USA) was an American jazz singer and songwriter.

Daughter of jazz guitarist Clarence Holiday.

Godmother of Mala Waldron.

She made her debut circa 1930 singing in various nightclubs in Harlem. In early 1933, the producer John Hammond heard her sing and was impressed by her talent. In 1935 he signed her to Brunswick Records. She made her first recordings with Benny Goodman. Also in 1935 she made her first appearance in a movie, with more roles in the 1940’s. From 1939 she started recording songs with notable jazz artists of that time.

Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan Gough) grew up in jazz-soaked Baltimore of the 1920s. In her early teens, the beginning part of her “apprenticeship” was spent singing along with the records of iconoclasts Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. In 1929 Billie’s mother Sadie Fagan moved to New York in search of better jobs. Young Eleanora soon joined her there and began showing up at jazz clubs to audition and sing with resident pianists. She made debuts in obscure Harlem nightclubs, sharing tips with other dancers and comedians on the bill. Around this time she borrowed her professional name Billie Holiday from screen actress Billie Dove. Although she never received technical training and never learned how to read music, Holiday quickly became an active participant in what was then the most vibrant jazz scene in the country – as the Harlem Renaissance transitioned into the Swing Era.

Billie Holiday Her Finest Studio Recordings A Box Set of 3 CDs 

CD Track List 1 can be listen to on the this site to hear the other two CDs please click here

1-1     Billie’s Blues

1-2     I Must Have That Man

1-3     Mean To Me

1-4     My Man

1-5     Strange Fruit

1-6     Fine And Mellow

1-7     I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

1-8     The Man I Love

1-9     God Bless The Child

1-10   Am I Blue

1-11   Solitude

1-12   Love Me Or Leave Me

1-13   Travelling Light

1-14   I Cover The Waterfront

1-15   As Time Goes By

1-16   Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)

1-17   Don’t Explain

1-18   Good Morning Heartache

1-19   That Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do

1-20   Crazy He Calls Me

Track List 2

2-1     Solitude

2-2     Love For Sale

2-3     Tenderly

2-4     My Man

2-5     Lover Come Back To Me

2-6     Stormy Weather

2-7     (I Got A Man Crazy For Me) He’s Funny That Way

2-8     Too Marvellous For Words

2-9     P. S. I Love You

2-10   I Thought About You

2-11   Love Me Or Leave Me

2-12   Willow Weep For Me

2-13   Stormy Blues

2-14   Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

2-15   Come Rain Or Come Shine

2-16   I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

2-17   Travelling Light

2-18   I Must Have That Man

2-19   No Good Man

2-20   Strange Fruit

Track List 3

3-1     Lady Sings The Blues

3-2     God Bless The Child

3-3     Good Morning Heartache

3-4     April In Paris

3-5     Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

3-6     I Wished On The Moon

3-7     They Can’t Take That Away From Me

3-8     Cheek To Cheek

3-9     I’m A Fool To Want You

3-10   For Heaven’s Sake

3-11   You Don’t Know What Love Is

312     I Get Along Without You Very Well

3-13   For All We Know

3-14   Violets For Your Furs

3-15   You’ve Changed

3-16   It’s Easy To Remember

3-17   But Beautiful

3-18   Glad To Be Unhappy

3-19   I’ll Be Around

3-20   The End Of A Love Affair

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