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Earl Sixteen The Fittest 20 Track CD tracks 1 to 10
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Earl Sixteen

Birth Name: Earl John Daley

Profile: Jamaican reggae singer, born 9 May 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica.

Daley grew up in Waltham Park Road, Kingston, and been influenced by American soul and Jamaican artists such as Dennis Brown, began his singing career by entering local talent shows. He became the lead vocalist for the group The Flaming Phonics, playing live around Jamaica.

Earl Sixteen The Fittest 20 Track CD

  1. Master plan 4:02
  2. Master Version   2:34
  3. Rise Up 3:37
  4. Rise Up Version 2:26
  5. Modern slavery 3:09
  6. Slavery version 3:14
  7. Sinner Man 3:30
  8. Wicked Man version   2:56
  9. This yah business 3:16
  10. 12 inch rockers version 3:34
  11. Stay together 3:20
  12. Together version 2:28
  13. Big car 3:51
  14. Big car version 2:38
  15. Fittest Of The Fittest 2:55
  16. Fittest version 3:18
  17. Changing Times 3:04
  18. Changing Times Version 1:48
  19. Key (Jahsolidrock Reprise) 3:44
  20. The Key Version    2:18
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