Al Campbell Ites Gold & Green 7” vinyl


Ites Gold & Green Al Campbell
Al Campbell Ites Gold and Green

Al Campbell – Ites Gold and Green

Popular reggae singer turns his attention to a protest song focused on the Rasta movement with an insistent beat-driven piece featuring hypnotic jazzy saxophone.

Al Campbell sings a lot about love and associated feelings but here centres on the values of people expressing themselves without oppression and tensions: “There has to be a better way/Lead us to a better day” – an almost seemingly simplistic sentiment and rhyme, but the lyric is typical of the way that reggae sometimes uses a basic rhyming structure to strike a powerful thought or emotion.

The gold and green of the title refers to some of the colours of Rasta; the colours, adopted from the Ethiopian flag, have huge symbolic meaning for Rasta s representing as they do several tenets of the movement including bloodshed, the wealth of Ethiopia, Jamaica’s fertile vegetation and the eradication of suppression.

The even and steady pace drives the song on, and features an almost jaunty brass section of trumpet and saxophone forward in the mix almost belying the serious sentiments of the track.



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