Judie Tzuke ‎ Ritmo 9 Track CD Album


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Judie Tzuke ‎ Ritmo 9 Track CD Album

Judie Tzuke    Ritmo 9 Track CD Album

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Judie Tzuke

Real Name: Judie Myers

Born: April 03, 1956 / London, United Kingdom

Member of Tzuke and Paxo & The Tzukettes

Judie Myers was born in London of an English Mother and a Polish extract Father.

After an education in the arts, music and drama, by the age of 15 Judie spent most of her time writing poems which she turned into songs and playing folk clubs, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar. In 1975 she met Mike Paxman and together they started to write the songs that were to become her first releases. After making some demo tapes, they managed to get a record deal with David Bowie and T.Rex producer Tony Visconti’s label Good Earth.

Judie Tzuke    Ritmo Album

CD Tracks

01 Jeannie No

02 She Don’t Live Here Anymore 

03 Shoot From The Heart

04 Face To Face

05 Another Country

06 Nighthawks

07 Walk Don’t Walk

08 Push Push, Pull Pull

09 How Do I Feel




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