Hopeton Crawford Life Experience 7” vinyl


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Life Experience Hopeton Crawford
Hopeton Crawford Life Experience

Hopeton Crawford

Not much known about this less than prolific artist but this ‘modern’ sounding piece with digital sound effects could be an eighties recording.

A lament about self doubt possibly, this recording from an artist who didn’t appear to produce much material and of whom little is known serves up an interesting brand of reggae mixing old with new. Along with a traditional reggae backing with a strong bass line are various ‘modern’ echoey effects implying a possible early eighties recording time in terms of the technology seemingly used in recording techniques and keyboard advances.

The unusual ‘sting’ at the beginning immediately puts this piece into unusual territory and the sombre delivery and backing hints at ennui and melancholy as do the sinister vocal echoes. They have the effect, whether intentionally or by design, of adding a colder feel to the traditional ‘warmth’ of a traditional reggae beat.


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