Linval Thompson Dub Story 14 Track CD


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Linval Thompson Dub Story CD Tracks 1 to 7
Linval Thompson Dub Story Back1
Linval Thompson Dub Story CD Tracks 8 to 14

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Linval Thompson Dub Story 14 Track CD

Linval Thompson

Although known for his production work primarily, Linval Thompson cut some great vocal roots tracks, back in the 1970’s and it’s these classic cuts in these classic cuts in there dub from, again a musical style much suited to Linval’s makeup, that we would like to concentrate on here.

Born in 1959, Kingston, Jamaica, Linval Thompson was actually raised in Queens, New York City, and it was here at the age of 16, that he cut his first track for Bunny Rugs, an underground track called ‘No Other Woman’.

While in New York Linval also subsidised a possible career in engineering by supplying fresh reggae to a newly expanding U.S. reggae market.  

This became so successful for him that it would lead to his return to Jamaica, in search of new product. It was 1974 and Lee Perry had just opened his Black Ark Studio’s, at his home in Washington Gardens district of Kingston.

Dub Story

Track Listing

01 Get My Dub Together                           

02 Ethiopian Dub                                     

03 We Need More Dubwise                          

04 My Dub Princess                               

05 Dub Cheat                                  

06 A Wicked Dub

07 Dub Conqueror.

08 Big Big Dub 

09 Suku Maka Dub 

10 Runaway Dub

11 Nyah Bingi Dub Call

12 Dub Tribe

13 Cheat Me Outta Dub

14 Dub Temper

Musicians include:

Robbie Shakespeare: Bass

Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis: Drums

Earl ‘China’ Smith: Lead Guitar

Tony Chin: Rhythm: Guitar

Bernard Harvey, Ossie Hibbert, Augustus Pablo: Piano

Bobby Ellis: Trumpet

Val Bennett: Saxophone

Recorded at: Channel 1, King Tubby’s,

Randy’s Studio 17

Produced by Bunny Lee.




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