Little Richie Just Another Heartache / One Bo-Dillion Years 7″ vinyl


Little Richie Just Another Heartache 7'' vinyl

Little Richie

Just Another Heartache / One Bo-Dillion Years 7″vinyl

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Real Name: Richard Jarvis

Little Richie

John Richbourg must have had a lot of faith in the little known Little Richie because he produced Just Another Heartache and released it three times on his Nashville imprints Sound Stage 7, Sound Plus and Seventy 7. It did little for him in America but has been a much-loved and much-treasured part of the Northern Soul scene since the early seventies.
Co-writer of both tracks is one R Jarvis (John “Little Richie” Richard Jarvis) from Hendersonville, Tennessee, who recorded in the seventies as Richard Jarvis on Viking and Little Richard Jarvis on Capitol.




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