Leroy Smart No Love 7” vinyl


No Love Leroy Smart
Leroy Smart No Love

Leroy Smart No Love

Leroy Smart is considered a master of love songs and roots music, and this song showcases his typical subject matter and expressive voice to the full.

As its title suggests ‘No Love’ is a lament to a female displaying no love at all – she’s very much an emotional barren wasteland. The refrain “there’s no love in your heart” is made all the more poignant for being sung in the anguished delivery Smart is known for, and there’s the overriding impression throughout this sincere piece that his voice might crack with anxiety and anguish at any minute.

The slow yet insistent beat and the ‘late night’ trumpet underscore the simple yet heartfelt observation of this loveless person, and Smart uses deliberately tortuous analogies to try and get through to her. In many ways it’s the simplicity of the sentiment and the slow yet insistent beat that gives this portrayal of a love-free woman genuine poignancy.

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