Michael Jackson The Definitive Collection (19 Track CD)



Michael Jackson The Definitive Collection  (19 Track CD)

Released roughly three days after Michael Jackson’s passing, The Definitive Collection is a 19-track collection of highlights from his Motown recordings, including the hits he had with his brothers in the Jackson 5. This emphasizes Michael’s solo hits over the Jackson 5’s  there are ten cuts of him alone, nine with his brothers (and one of those is an alternate “minus mix” of “I’ll Be There”)  which skews this a little bit toward puppy love over bubblegum, something that may be a little too syrupy for some listeners, but there’s no denying that for fans lacking a collection of Michael’s earliest hits, this is a useful compilation, gathering “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” “Who’s Lovin’ You,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “Got to Be There,” “Rockin’ Robin,” “Ben,” and “Dancing Machine” in one place.

Track list

01   I Want You Back

02   ABC

03   The Love You Save

04   I’ll Be There

05   Never Can Say Goodbye (Single Version)

06   Maybe Tomorrow

07   Got To Be There (Single Version)

08   Rockin’ Robin

09   I Wanna Be Where You Are

10   Ain’t No Sunshine

11   Ben (Single Version)

12   With A Child’s Heart

13   One Day In Your Life

14   We’re Almost There

15   Dancing Machine (Single Version)

16   Just A Little Bit Of You

17   Farewell My Summer Love

18   Who’s Lovin’ You

19   I’ll Be There (Minus Mix)





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