Track 6 Lovers Delight (new remix) DX1 WAV 24-bit


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6 Lovers Delight(new remix) DW EP DX1

Track 6 Lovers Delight (new remix) DX1 WAV 24-bit

DX1 Dubwise EP

Some of the material has been developed over a period of time stretching back to the 90s, and it’s a testament to the timeless quality of reggae and roots music in general and the way it’s been constructed here that it sounds as fresh and vibrant as if recorded last week.

This album is an overspill of some of the ideas we felt should have been in our first album. What we have chosen to do with this is to give you more dub tracks of varying styles, which should bring back old memories of outstanding reggae music for some of you, and for those new to this it will give you the opportunity to hear some good quality, varied reggae music.

We have also included additional mixes and remixes from the Dubwise EPs 1 and 2 which were released on vinyl in 1996 & 1998 respectively.

To enjoy these tracks you will need the maximum bass and treble on your stereo system so, until our next roots reggae album please enjoy this small offering.



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