Barry Brown Let’s Go To The Blues 14 Track LP


Barry Brown Let's Go To The Blues A Side
Barry Brown Let's Go To The Blues B Side

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Barry Brown Let’s Go To The Blues 14 Track LP

Barry Brown one of reggae’s vastly overlooked talents. His militant conscious style has over time lost none of its appeal. Truly one of the sweetest roots vocalists to come out of Jamaica.

Born in 1962, Kingston Jamaica, he cut his musical teeth working under producer Bunny Lee. Their first release was a track called ‘Girl You’re Always on my Mind’ although a minor hit, Bunny Lee saw his potential and he was rewarded with his 1979 cut ‘Step it up Youthman’ which became a hit and a roots classic, leading to an album of the same name.

The 70’s was a great period in Barry Brown’s career and its from this period that we have culled this set of tracks. Straight from the master tapes some of his finest moments and some unreleased gems that we believe should be heard.

LP Tracklist

Side 1

  1. Trying Youthman
  2. Stop Them Jah Jah
  3. Step It Up
  4. Lets Go To The Blues
  5. Fittest of The Fittest
  6. Politician
  7. Cool Pon The Corner

Side 2

  1. Give Thanx and Praise
  2. Natty Rootsman
  3. Big Big Pollution
  4. Mr Money Man
  5. Godfather
  6. Far East
  7. Lead Us Jah




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