Horace Andy Quiet Place 7”


Quiet Place Horace Andy
Horace Andy Quite Place

Quiet Place Horace Andy

This song goes under at least three different titles, it’s been covered by various artists including UB40, and sung by Horace Andy himself in two completely different ways including a version with successful trip hop outfit Massive Attack.

Originally recorded by John Holt and the Paragons with ‘ooh ahh’ backing vocals forward in the mix making a song about a noisy neighbour sound almost cheerful, Horace Andy’s version here is far bleaker even though it maintains a relentless high tempo beat.

The echoey vocals make it sound like a distressed phone call about the noisy neighbour who throws pots and pans around, and Andy plaintively expresses his desire to “get away from here” and take his family so they’ll “find a quiet place”. This section is almost sing along territory which ironically makes it somehow even more impactful.

Horace Andy signed to Melankolic, a label created by Massive Attack in the mid-1990’s, and guested on all five of their albums; his slower and altogether more ‘electric’ version of ‘Quiet Place’ appears on their most successful release, 1998’s ‘Mezzanine’.

‘Quiet Place’ has gone under two other titles when recorded by other artists; ‘I’ve Got to Get Away’ and Man Next Door’.




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