Best of Pablo Gad 8 track CD Vocals & Dubs


1 Blood Sucker Best of Pablo Gad CD
3 Gun Fever Best of Pablo Gad CD (disco mix)
4 Hard Times Best of Pablo Gad

Best of Pablo Gad

Track 1 Blood Sucker (Disco Mix)
Track 2 Oh Jah (Disco Mix)
 Track 3 Gun Fever +Dub 
Track 4 Hard Times Dub
Track 5 Sad Mistake(Disco Mix)
Track6 Crisis (Disco Mix)
Track 7 Beggar Man Child
Track 8 Begga Dub.

This is one of the best reggae releases of all time. Don’t make a sad mistake and miss this one. Pablo’s voice is Awesome with a capital A. He has a totally effortless flow through the haunting and addictive compositions. Lyrics paint vivid pictures and are arranged in a flawless style that never seems awkward or contrived. The bass is very present and absolutely fills the room with a full, rich and warm sound. Drums bubble in a strong style with excellent flair. All instrumentation is top notch and is very purposeful and heart felt. The sound achieved here is sorely lacking in today’s reggae scene (as far as I know that is). I believe this is a release out of England from the 80’s – it definitely has that vibe, and is an absolute must buy for all reggae lovers. The songs in the version I have are all extended mixes. Pablo has extreme talent and it is truly captured on this release as well as Trafalgar Square.

Please praise Jehovah and give thanks for Jesus Christ. Jah bless.

Review by Heart Jah

Players of Instruments

Bass – Elroy Bailey, Hughie, Issachar*
Drums – Desmond Mahoney, Scaul Off
Guitar – Chris Scale, Hughie Issachass*
Harmony Vocals – Imruh Asher, Keith Douglas, Sister Simeon, Tony Douglas
Horns – Soloman Judah
Organ – O Jemba*
Producer – Pablo Gad
Synthesizer – Marc Lusardi*
Written-By [Written & Inspired] – Pablo Gad


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