Jah Stitch Dread Inna Jamdown (12 Track Vinyl Album)


Jah Stitch 001
Jah Stitch Dread Inna Jamdown A Side
Jah Stitch 001
Jah Stitch Dread Inna Jamdown B Side

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Dread Inna Jamdown (12 Track Vinyl Album)

Track List

01    Dread Inna Jamdown      

02    Dem Seek Natty Everywhere    

03    Make A Joyful Noise      

04    Serious Thing        

05    The Best By Any Test     

06    Natty Dread Skanking     

07    From Dusk To Dawn      

08    Hold On Tight       

09    Love For Everyone

10    Rock To The Beat 

11    Natty Going On So

12    Live Together In Harmony   

Jah Stitch.

Born 27 July 1949, Kingston, Jamaica. – Died 28 April 2019

Melbourne James

Jah Stitch was born 27th July, 1949 in Kingston Jamaica as Melbourne James. He was brought up in the same singing yard as singers Roy Shirley, Stranger Cole and The Heptones. Together with a friend called Finger he started the Sound System Finger tone. The sound would later evolve to the legendary Lord Tipper tone sound system. Around this time Jah Stitch also met Bunny Lee. They started a musical and personal friendship. Stitch’s first release was however produced by Errol Holt with the single (Danger Zone). Jah Stitch soon left Tipper-tone and joined Black Harmony Sound which wasn’t taken to keenly resulting in the shooting of Stitch outside of Bob Marley’s shop in Kingston Beeston Street.

He would miraculously survive the bullet even though rumours spread that the shot was fatal, even reaching Bunny Lee who was in England at the time trying to get Jah Stitch material released. A picture taken at the hospital with John Holt and Ken Boothe was sent out to reconfirm that Jah Stitch actually had survived. This incident would lead to Jah Stitch reinventing himself as a deejay. He now cut (No Dread Can’t Dead) where he had an almost spoken delivery – the song was a major critical success.




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