John Holt ‎– Reggae Greats (20 Track CD)


John Holt ‎– Reggae Greats (20 Track CD)

John Kenneth Holt

Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter, born July 11, 1947 (or 1942 or 1945 according to some sources) in Kingston, Jamaica.  Died October 20, 2014 in London, England, UK

Track List

1   Looking Back

2   Stick By Me & I’ll Stick By You

3   Lost Love

4   Oh Girl

5   Riding For A Fall

6   Everybody Needs Love

7   I LL Be Lonely

8   Do You Love Me

9   Left Me with A Broken Heart

10 Release Me

11 Thief In The Night

12 Wasted Days & Wasted Nights

13 Here I Come

14 I Love My Girl

15 Wolf & Leopards

16 Born To Lose

17 In The Midnight Hour

18 She Wants It

19 Homely Girl

20 Party Time



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