BB Seaton Summer Time 7 inch vinyl


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Summer Time BB Seaton
BB Seaton Summer Time

BB Seaton  Summer Time

Experienced reggae performer gives a lively and up tempo interpretation of Gershwin’s classic; one of the most frequently recorded songs ever.

The idea of revving up a stretched out, slower piece from ‘Porgy and Bess’ into an upbeat reggae song may on paper seem almost ludicrous but in the hands of the silken voiced B.B. Seaton it adds up to a refreshing and entertaining whole.

The shuffle drum intro sets the tone, and a relentless reggae groove sees Seaton layer some graceful and sincere sounding vocals in a way that stamps his and reggae’s unique style on this classic. He’s in good company in recording this piece; ‘Summertime’ has been covered some 25,000 times by all manner of artists and is performed at several points in the opera it was written for.

Seaton’s convincing rendition here is likely explained by his diversity of recording both as a solo artist and within the context of several groups, along with his work as a producer in a long and varied career.


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