The Pooh Sticks The 1988 – 7″ Coloured Vinyl Box Set


The Pooh Sticks The 1988 – 7" Coloured Vinyl Box Set tracks 1 to 5
The Pooh Sticks The 1988 – 7" Coloured Vinyl Box Set tracks 6 to 10

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The Pooh Sticks The 1988 7″ Box Set

The Pooh Sticks were ostensibly led by front man Hue Pooh (born Hue Williams), who in October 1987 teamed with Swansea-area schoolmates Paul, (guitar), Alison (bass), Trudi Tangerine (keyboards) and Stephanie (drums) and debuted with the single “On Tape,” released on manager/svengali Steve Gregory’s Fierce label. (In actuality, Gregory was the real mastermind behind the Pooh Sticks, writing, arranging and producing their records, designing their cover artwork and even choreographing their live performances.)”

Collection of five different coloured vinyl singles in a 7″ cardboard box and a 24-page booklet, originally released in 1988 on Fierce Recordings as a collection of five one-sided singles. This release includes the original five tracks, and for the first time, five tracks on the flipsides. All of the B sides were recorded in 1988 and four of them have never been available before, the other track “Hard On Love”, was released in 1989 on a flexi-disc and has never been available in any other format.

Indie/Punk Rock

01   1-2-3 Red Light

02   Heroes And Villains

03   Heartbreak

04   I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well

05   Indie pop Ain’t Noise Pollution

06   Double Shot

07   Life’s A Gas

08   Sex Head

09   Hard On Love

10   Knock Three Times



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