I AM THE KING Featuring King Tubby At The Controls Volume 2 Vinyl LP


I-AM-THE-KING- King-Tubbys- Vol 2
I AM THE KING Featuring King Tubby At The Controls Volume 2

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I AM THE KING Volume 2

King Tubby’s first interaction with the music industry came in the late 1950s with the rising popularity of Jamaican sound systems, which were to be found all over Kingston and which were developing into enterprising businesses. As a talented radio repairman, Tubby soon found himself in great demand by most of the major sound systems of Kingston, as the tropical weather of the Caribbean island (often combined with sabotage by rival sound system owners) led to malfunctions and equipment failure. Tubby owned an electrical repair shop on Drumalie Avenue, Kingston, that fixed televisions and radios. It was here that he built large amplifiers for the local sound systems. In 1961-62, he built his own radio transmitter and briefly ran a pirate radio station playing ska and rhythm and blues which he soon shut down when he heard that the police were looking for the perpetrators. Tubby would eventually form his own sound system, Tubby’s Hometown Hi-Fi, in 1968. It became a crowd favourite due to the high quality sound of his equipment, exclusive releases and Tubby’s own echo and reverb sound effects, at that point something of a novelty.

I’AM THE KING Volume 2  featuring KING TUBBY At The Controls

LP Track list

A1  Let Love In Dub
A2  Better Be Cool Dub
A3  Heart Breaker Dub
A4  Party Time Dub
A5  Visit Of The King Dub
A6  Mankind Dub
B1   A Dangerous Dub
B2  Cockburn Pen Dub
B3  Man Shark Dub
B4  Youth Attack Dub
B5  Ashoke Road Dub
B6  Big Iron Dub

Riddims by Roots Radics and High Times Players ,Mixed by King Tubby Recorded at King Tubby’s Studio 18 Drumillie Avenue Kingston Jamaica

Produced by P. Perch for MOA ANBESSA.



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